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I am a sociable, conscientious and articulate communicator with a diverse background between creative industry projects, as well as formal eduction among the arts, humanities and social-sciences. This has equipped me with strong creative communicatory skills, problem-solving abilities, clear interpersonal skills, analytical reasoning, statistical and data literacy.

First Class in Philosophy (with outside courses) (MA) | University of Glasgow 

August 2019 - June 2024 

Philosophy (SCQF levels 7,8,9, & 10): Analytic Philosophy

Skills: This has equipped me with rigorous logical/analytic abilities and critical-thinking skills. (In-)formal argument construction and deconstruction, with attention to logical continuity, relations and implications.

Content: Philosophy of Science, Mind, and Language; Moral Philosophy/ Ethics; Metaphysics; Epistemology; Distributive Justice; Formal Logic; the Scottish Enlightenment. Areas of interest involve: meta-ethics, meta-philosophy, philosophy of science, history of philosophy, consciousness.  

Psychology (SCQF levels 7,8 & 9): Statistical Analysis & Design; Statistical & Scientific Models

Skills: This has given statistical literacy, an appreciation of the inductive process of contemporary social sciences (overlapping with biology), as well as critical engagement with research findings (via applying analysis of POWER, SEM, Multiple Correlation Comparisons and Corrections, and Model Comparisons).

Content: Data wrangling, analysis, and dissemination with R-studio. Ability to apply range of statistical analysis. Covering: Chi-Square; T-tests; Correlation; Linear-, Simple-, and Multiple-Regression; ANOVA; and finally applying the Generalised Linear Model to a diverse range of data-types and formats.

Psychology (SCQF levels 7 & 8): General Psychology (sub-fields)

Skills: Broad multi-level, dynamic understanding of brain and behaviour across sub-fields, giving me a deep appreciation of the intersection with human neuro-biology, development and behaviour. 

Covering: Psycho-Biology, Individual, Developmental, Cognitive, Social and Perception Psychology.  Research Planning & Design in application within each sub-field for nuanced understanding of methodological foundations and distinctions. 

Science Fundamentals (SCQF level 7): General Science Foundations

Skills: Foundational problem solving and critical scientific thinking skills.

Covering: Mathematical under-pinnings across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 


Comparative-Literature (SCQF levels 7 8): 

Skills: Equipped me with lateral thinking abilities, creative communication skills and writing styles across. This has provided rigorous practice in concept/ idea synthesis across languages, cultural practices, history and an underlying understanding across humanities – from engaging with secondary literature surrounding international relations, cultural-studies, translation and semiotics, continental philosophy, history, sociology, mythology and anthropology.

Covering: A range of cultural material (epics, poems, novels, documentaries, political texts & historical texts) on topics of boards, migration, 20th Century European politics and identity; Western mythologies. 


Extra-Curiculum (within the University of Glasgow): 

Knowledge & Creativity (October, 2022 - March, 2023)

A joint teaching initiative, selecting 40 student applicants from the College of Arts and 40 student applications from the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences to engage in collaborative discussions on: the nature of creativity in research, the fundamental nature of knowledge, and other issues that will inform their understanding of the dynamic and creative processes that underpin successful research careers.

From Drafting to Feedback: Navigating the Academic Writing Process in an Interdisciplinary Field (June, 2023)

In this ​SLD Optional Course, I honed in my collaborative writing skills, with writing workshops and team-driven writing projects, as well as a greater appreciation for the communicative skills essential to cross-disciplinary synthesis and information integration. ​


Exploring Culture through data: Digital Methods and Data Practices | Utrecht University Data School | Summer School

August 2022

Methodological fundamentals of digital humanities using data collection/scraping from twitter (with 4CAT), data selection (with R-studio), and network analysis (with Gephi and Tableaux). Made possible with funding from the University of Glasgow's Go Abroad Scholarship of £500.

Effective Altruism Virtual Programs | Introductory Program

April 2022 - May 2022

Reading seminars and in-depth discussion concerning effective developmental aid strategies from Doing Good Better (MacAskill, 2015) and the ethics of longtermism/ existential-risk research from The Precipice (Ord, 2020).

Music (Diploma) | Riverside Music College  

August 2017- May 2019

Skills: Appreciation of commercial and business operations of the music industry; digital audio workshop skills; as well as  composition and recording skills across a range of instruments. 

Content: Creative Industry Infrastructure; Professional Practice for Musicians; Session Musician skills; Live Performance Skills; First Study: Instrument (Guitar – Grade 6, 7, and 8); Music Law; Music Theory; Live Recording Techniques; Music Sequencing and Programming; Digital Audio Workstations; Music History; Music Technology and Communications.

Graded Unit: Composition for Media & Entertainment: A

Creative Industry Projects:                                                                                                         

Jan 2023 - present 

Co-founder, production manager, and editor-in-chief of the independent publishing press, Contralytic. We publish philosophy at the intersection of contemporary culture, the arts and humanities; including a biannual interdisciplinary philosophy journal.

2017 - 2024

Four-piece project which I wrote/ performed lead-guitar and synth. Studio-produced with Ross Cameron of Riverside Music College and co-produced by Jerry Love (former member of Teenage Fanclub). Managed by Jamers Armer and distributed by Republic of Music. Performed festivals (Sound City, Celtic Connections, Tenement Trail) and sold-out venues (King Tuts, Stereo, G2).

2018 - 2022

Solo compositions and scores produced for film and the moving screen. Commissioned for short-story Hideous and feature-film Ribbons. Other compositions available for synch or commission on contact. (Film links available upon request). 

Film Production Assistance

2019: Assistant location manager for Lewis Capaldi Vevo Lift.

2019: Production assistant for feature-film Ribbons

Received Funding Awards:                                                                                                                    

Go Abroad 2022 Summer School Grant, University of Glasgow 

Purpose: International summer schools and bespoke short-term programmes offered by our partner institutions are available to full time undergraduate students. Offering students the chance to: expand on your current subject expertise; explore new subjects that are outside the scope of your degree or not offered by the University of Glasgow; develop transferable skills for your future career; learn or improve on a foreign language.

Funded Project: Course costs and travel to Netherlands, Utrecht University summer short course Exploring Culture through Data: Digital Methods and Data Practices

Award: £500

Date: 28/03/2022

June Cockburn Prize, University of Glasgow

Purpose: A prize competition open to individual students or groups of students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree programmes offered by the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts. Awards projects which encourages personal development, effective communication skills, independent investigation, ethical and social awareness, as well as students who demonstrate graduate attributes (such as adaptability, confidence, resourcefulness and responsibility).

Funded project: A physical/digital interdisciplinary philosophy platform, titled 'Contralytic Journal' and issue launch event.

Award: £400

Date: 09/12/2022

Creativity & Knowledge Summer Research Scholarship, University of Glasgow 

Purpose: A collaborative piece of work which is aimed at allowing College of Arts and College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) students to spend up to 6 weeks on a funded project, experiencing research in each other's disciplines. Students from the Arts and MVLS are given the opportunity to select a relevant topic of interest and carry out a systematic literature review to produce a review article or other output demonstrating a critical understanding and evaluation of the topic (potentially for publication). 

Funded project: The Language-Thought connection: Linguistic Relativity revisited and reviewed

Award: £900

Date: 26/06/2023

Santander Summer Company Programme, University of Glasgow (Student Enterprise)

Purpose: This Programme is aimed at students who already have a business idea or are in the early stages of the start-up process and would benefit from funding, a mentorship programme and incubation space in our Enterprise Suite in the Advanced Research Centre. Those businesses that secure a place on this programme, which runs from the beginning of June until the end of August, will also have access to our extensive Business StartUp Summer Workshop Programme, which covers all aspects of the start-up process, as well as bespoke workshops for Company Programme participants. There are 4 places available for individual students or student teams to take part in this mini accelerator programme which is now in its 8th year.

Funded project: Contralytic Publishing Press

Award: £1,250

Date: 31/06/2024


I enjoy running and bouldering; reading (literary fiction, sci-fi, philosophy, popular-science); creative and communicative writing via Philosophy blog Digital Dasein and Philosophy journal Contralytic Journal ; attending short-courses either online, with University of Glasgow, pr elsewhere when funding permits, attending The Royal Philosophical Society ‘meet-up’ discussions; reading clubs with friends (recently Heidegger, Margaret Midgley, Metaphysical Animals, and Yellowface); composing, performing and recording music; working both production and post-production for film projects; and more generally, socializing learning, and working with goal-orientated people in creative projects.

Contact at for any inquiries. 

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